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"Immerse yourself in pure experience"

This year's Franke appearance at house4kitchen focuses on "nature": nature as a source of inspiration and the basis for our well-being, but also in terms of sustainability - in daily use, in production, and in terms of the materiality and durability of the products. From September 17 to 23, Franke will be presenting fascinating new products and forward-looking solutions that actively help to conserve resources and preserve our environment. Immerse yourself in the pure experience at Franke.

Mythos Masterpiece
The newest masterpiece

Another highlight in the house4kitchen will undoubtedly be the metallic colors for stainless steel basins from our “Mythos Masterpieces”, which add special elegance to any kitchen. All individual components around the sink are available in this trendy look and they can be perfectly combined to create harmonious or completely individual creations.

Active L Twist
Clever details for maximum comfort

An eye-catcher in the house4kitchen is the “Active Twist”, which sets new accents in the kitchen with its clear design. With its clear design, the Active L Twist sets accents in the kitchen. Its sophistication, however, is evident in the details: for example, Franke has integrated a rotary knob into the clever fitting that can be used to close and open the drain in the basin – simply, safely and hygienically. The rotary knob connects the faucet to the sink, eliminating the need for another hole for valve actuation. This makes it even easier to keep the kitchen clean. In addition, hands no longer need to be dipped into the hot and dirty water – a small detail for great practical convenience in everyday life.

Mythos Air Hub
Clean air to breathe

When you think of air quality in the kitchen, you usually associate it with cooking odors, but rarely with other pollutants. Our new Air Hub range, which combines a cooker hood and air disinfection system in one, offers the perfect solution. With two separate air streams and two special UVC lights, the Air Hub removes 99.99% of viruses and bacteria from your kitchen, leaving the air smelling pleasant and allowing you to breathe it safely.