Live. Love. Cook.

The best that life has to offer, under one roof.

A place to cook. To live. To enjoy. To feel good. Natural, individual, diverse and full of life. With the Collection 2023, Schüller offers an impressive variety of options for planning and designing the entire living space. The manufacturer from Herrieden thus continues to position itself as a future-oriented player that translates the pulse of the times into technically sophisticated products that are suitable for everyday use and make a statement.

With the Collection 2023, Schüller lays the foundation for a new generation of glass fronts: the Smartglas matt range. The polymer glass surface impresses with its high quality finish, which makes it particularly stable and robust in daily use. The special AFP anti-fingerprint property reduces fingerprints and thus considerably reduces the cleaning effort. At the same time, the contemporary, velvety design invites you to touch it and feel good.

Planning diversity, based on the grid and system idea, plays a major role at Schüller. The resulting new construction heights require a rethink in terms of interior design. Therefore, it is an important concern for the company to continuously develop form and function behind the front as well. The optimisation towards a new drawer frame takes this requirement into account. By increasing the height by 3.8 cm, the high frame for the drawer fronts in the front heights 19.1 cm and 25.6 cm offers a more stable front connection and a better use of storage space, both in the kitchen, in the C5 and X5 systems, and in the living area.