Welcome to the world of Gaggenau.

The difference is Gaggenau.

Our brand stands for luxury, design and perfection. Our main aim has always been to design open kitchens as a space for sharing experiences. Connoisseurs all over the world appreciate the cooking experience provided by Gaggenau. A long time ago, the timeless Gaggenau design began to find its way into stylish living spaces. We are continuously developing our product portfolio, which continues to evolve. One of the innovations that we will be presenting in Löhne is a warming drawer with a wide range of applications. At the same time, the Vario 200 Series refrigerators come with a new automatic door opening feature, which is perfect for integration into individual handleless units.

The multi-functional warming drawer.
Ideal for gentle cooking, heating, drying and warming.

With its multi-functional warming drawer, Gaggenau has introduced a completely new concept in terms of operation and possible applications. It is perfect for gently delicate ingredients cooking and preparing culinary delights. Available in two heights, the warming drawer complements the 200 and 400 Series integrated appliances, with which it forms a single visual unit.

New door opening concept:
Push-to-open function and voice control for the Vario 200 Series refrigerators.

With this design concept for Vario 200 Series refrigerators, Gaggenau meets all expectations so that the finest ingredients can be stored in the appropriate way. The new automatic door makes life easier when you fill the refrigerator, as it opens easily and softly, without requiring any major effort. All you have to do is press it and the handleless door opens as if by magic. And if you don’t have any hands free, you can just as easily open the door using the voice assistant. Because they open automatically, these refrigerators are even more suitable for integration into individual handleless units.

Art of the kitchen.